Let's celebrate the women in your life (maybe you?)


I hide artwork to leave little surprises for people like you.

She's part of a series called Anonymous Woman. Uncover their stories (maybe you know them?!) and learn more about my art to empower, inspire and uplift the women in our lives here.

As I give voice to the story behind these women may it become a reminder for you to show up and speak your truths.






P.S.  I hope my little one-of-a-kind fine art print made you smile when you discovered her. Post your discovery on Instagram! Let's connect with the hashtag #ifoundart

This is a photograph of artist Carrie Brummer. She is sitting on the floor of a carpeted room, with a 3 by 4 foot painting on her lap. It's a portrait of a woman and she is embroidering into her collar of her neck.
I'm embroidering into one of my works I've named "Peg" in this picture.

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