My name is Carrie Brummer. I research and explore the stories of influential and/or unsung women in today’s world, both past and present. 

My work often comes to me in my dreams as glimpses of color and composition.

I never perfectly imagine the work, but I trust and follow my inner guide, the channel that whispers in my ear how to finish the art.

The first time I embraced my process was right before a high risk surgery where I was told I might die or go blind.

I painted straight from the heart, without a conscious plan, listening only to those whispers. I survived the surgery and returned to life.

I discovered and entered a competition that was a great fit for those paintings from before the surgery. My work was selected as a finalist: the art was exhibited at

The Smithsonian and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

All of my work since has been a journey to hear again those whispers that guide me so well.

I’m drawn to materials and themes that are labeled: decorative, feminine (or feminist, depending on the tale), and craft. They include acrylic paint, gold leaf, pencil, watercolor, gouache, and embroidery. I don’t care much for labels. I do, however, care a lot about making art.

Gustav Klimt has influenced my use of pattern, my play with surface planes and inspired my magpie curiosity in all things shiny (gold leaf). Greek iconography and the stories of regular people becoming saints in my Catholic childhood also impacts the subject matter. I love the idea that regular, everyday people are capable of great deeds.

I wish to dig deeper into my investigations of women’s stories and use of material.

I continue to learn more stories of women, from all walks of life; may we remember and become those women striving to live full, empowered lives.