"Art is about our human state of constant imperfection, which is beautiful."

-Carrie Brummer


mixed media portrait, fiber art, stories of women, art by carrie brummer

It was the most freeing experience of my life.

Imagine you knew this could be your very last day on planet earth: what would you do? What would you create?

Me? I embraced my intuition and created art.

It took a while to digest that my unplanned, unprepared, imperfect artwork was being recognized. But it also opened my eyes to another idea about my art, and in the larger picture, my life:

perhaps our choices and actions are perfectly imperfect.

I like to think of the Japanese artform of Kintsugi, where broken pottery is repaired by filling cracks with gold. It’s those quirky, sparkly imperfections and mistakes along the way that lead us to be the special people we are.

I create artworks that are about symmetry, but are more beautiful because of my hand drawn, human marks. My mandalas are about delicacy, decoration, and detail. But more importantly

they are about our human state of constant imperfection, which IS beautiful.

Additionally, I observe and research women from past and present in my portrait series Anonymous Woman. I celebrate perfectly imperfect women who break through glass ceilings, who fail to follow social norms, who achieve great things despite obstacles and personal flaws. 

Join me: let’s fill the cracks of our lives with gold. Together.


I grew up around a mother who was a maker. She was always building things: weaving baskets, embroidery, sewing, painting… you name it I was witness to her exploring the material. She has been and still is a wonderful example of someone who enjoys creativity for the sake of doing it.

Her curiosity and interest in multiple mediums is part of my influence. I create art that is painted, incorporates mixed media materials including gold leaf, and I create textile art with my embroidery.

Other influences include interests outside of art, including yoga. My personal yoga practice has impacted all facets of my life: a greater desire to serve others, increased compassion, mindfulness, health and a desire to slow down, to stop worshipping at the altar of being busy.

I love reading non-fiction and learning new ideas as well as being exposed to stories from history. My extensive travel, including living in the Middle East for 9 years, has also impacted my art.

These influences are evident in all of my work: my love of pattern and gilded things, my portraits celebrating women past and present, and honoring textile traditions of past with a present, mindful, sometimes socially conscious twist.

You can discover the varied artwork I create by clicking the "View Gallery" button.